Custom and Custom Solutions:
"Each Customer is unique and has its individual needs"
Using the best technology, we were able to resize companies ("RESIZING"):
Simplification of tasks and internal processes, identification and correction
of failures, prevention of deviations and fraud, management of employees and
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Accounting for your company in a practical,
safe and economical way
Outsource your financial, accounting and human resources management to TUPI.
Reduce costs and increase your results!

in Real Profit

Is Simples Nacional or Presumed Profit the best option for your company?

The Taxable Income Tax Regime is aimed at enterprises  with annual sales equal to or greater than R$78 million.  

Understand how Tupi can help you obtain fairer taxation, take advantage of credits and choose the taxation that will bring advantages to the particularities of your business. 

Enjoy the support of the leading experts in the Real Profit market for over 45 years . 

What our customers say about Tupi.

Service provided by accountants and administrators, are advisory and help in the fiscal direction of the company. Specialists in Real Profit, take care of the entire bureaucratic process.
Esther Petty
Director, Confidential
Serious and committed company. In addition to being very experienced, whenever I needed support they helped me. I recommend Tupi!
Thiago Godoi
Manager, Godoi Digital
They have taken care of my company's accounting for over 15 years. Very professional and committed not only to the services, but also to the results of their clients.
Osmar Leite
CEO, Clean Air
I changed my accountant to Tupi, it was the best thing I did, I didn't have support to improve the controls in my management, now I have all the support with personalized service, the impression is that I have an accountant and administrator at my disposal.
Valéria Rodrigues
Administrative manager
I had a lot of problems with my payroll, calculation had to be revised, a lot of paperwork to check, Tupi changed my life, now everything digital, with electronic point, I close the sheet very quickly and safely.
Emilia Campos
HR Manager
The decision to change accounts was very difficult, I thought I was being well attended, until I got to know Tupi, and it was really the best decision I made, I have differentiated service provided by a specialist, my management has improved a lot, and I have more time to think about the my business.
Diego Brauman
Founder Startup

business planning

Many entrepreneurs end up going through several difficulties, in the initial months of opening the business or even during the operation, for not planning correctly.
Knowing the costs  in depth, annual budgeting, taxation models to follow , social contract modeling versus operations, planning the company’s future is essential for your company’s success.
Tupi Brazil Solution is your business partner, our
professionals are capable administrators who will drive your business forward management model, making it clearer for decision making with updated information and a consultant at your disposal.

Much more than Accounting

Labor Assistance
Legal Advice
Operating Permits

Some of Our Customers

Tupi Brazil Solution

We have been present in the market for over 4 decades, helping our national and international clients who are already operating or wishing to open their businesses and enter Brazil.
We advise investors who want to prospect their business in Brazil and investors (“Brazilians” ) interested in doing business in other countries.

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